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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver on Play-Asia!!

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver : March 15 on Play-Asia!
(click on the version you want to go straight to the play-asia order page)

US Version : No Region Protection : Includes the PokeWalker : Complete Package

Soul Silver Box

Heart Gold Box

~Please do buy/place your orders from my link so i can get affiliate points! thanks!! ^^

Price: US$ 44.90 (~2,066 PHP)
-Play-Asia is the safest online store that offers the lowest price on HG/SS.
-Free delivery within Philippines?! Saves you gasoline or public transport fees.
-100% Complete packages!! Stickers, Posters, Manuals, Toys and the PokeWalker!! (Datablitz will probably steal your goodies! remember how they removed the GBA connection wire from the Fie Red/Leaf Green packages?)

~Best part is... you get to help me on getting my copy!! (There is no points or discounts even if you buy from your own link or buying without a link~ so why not use my link right? )

For those who wants to know the pokemon exclusives on the two versions~

-Mankey line
-Growlithe line
-Spinarak line
-Gligar line
-Mantyke line
-Phanpy line
-Baltoy line

-Vulpix line
-Meowth line
-Ledyba line
-Teddiursa line
-Gulpin line

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