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Black Wing Tasuki Avatar [ 2010 Type 1 of 4 ]

2009 Avatar Design : Project Grandis


-[ Composition ] Base editing of the image :

- Light Sweep to add some mood~ ( will help create a visual effect to the rays later )

av2010- plus light

- Meta Imaging : DB off Meta just to show its basic layout~ ( Never forget basics ^^~ )
[ basic meta can be used for creative vector zoom out start ups and openings ]

av2010-meta db off 036

- Further resizing~ ( sampler is 16x for those who asks~ no tranfering.)

av2010-meta db off

- Opacity throughout the work is 100 but reducing it to 50% can create an effect like this... tho it would defeat the purpose of using zoomed meta..
[ this one can be used as an alternative for the usual church glass effect ]
- We are not using, just showing the effect of meta opacity reduction.
(and this one is actually 48% not 50% lol~ not using it anyway lol)

av2010- opacity 50

- and more resizing~ + make the meta to look like a color pallet~

av2010-meta db off 003

- now to put it at 0.01
( tho i did not use 0.01 lol! instead turned db on and resized to a similar range~ )

av2010-meta db off 001

- Add some light rays with adjusted intensity and length.
[ Adding wind blur to blow away rays horizontally can also be used for additional effects ]
- Place the burst X,Y coordinates to make it come out from the center.
[ Circular objects produces nice visual effect when rays and lights are from the insides~ ]

av2010- meta light 20

- Adjust length to desired visual percentage~ and thats it~ Version 1 of 4 ^^
~ Notice the effect of the light sweep earlier ^^
~ Better than the Pokemon holofoil matrix energy cards~ lol

av2010- meta light 82

- Adding fish lens effects is also a good combo move~ The fishy zoomed area will pop out ur meta~ and surprise the audience that the pixel effects were really super tiny version of ur image~ lol ^^
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